Loss: Why Is It Harder For Some People To Handle The Loss Of A Parent?

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In precisely the exact same way that getting older is normally part of life, experiencing loss is also a part of life. And while getting older can be hard, experiencing loss can be something which is even harder to manage.
A Different Experience
There are, obviously, different kinds of reduction, and while one kind of loss may not be too painful, another type can be. If someone was to eliminate a pet they may find it difficult to function for a couple of weeks, but if they were to get rid of a loved one, they may be like this for a whole lot longer.
The effect that losing a pet has on one individual is subsequently not always going to be just like the effect it has on another.
A Broken Connection
Losing a loved one can make it difficult for someone to work for a matter of months and then they may slowly begin to settle down. What took place could be in their mind after this, but what occurred will not have made it impossible for them to deal with life generally.
For somebody else, it may not matter how many months or years pass, as they just won’t have the ability to continue with their life.
1 Reason
It was not a surprise that this individual has passed , and this could have enabled them to get ready for the inevitable.
Unlike this individual, another could have lost a loved one who wasn’t at the end of the life and neither was their wellbeing in a terrible way. If this was true, it would make complete sense as to why these two individuals have undergone different responses.
Another Reason
At exactly the exact same time, what might have played a significant role in how these two individuals have reacted to a reduction is how emotionally developed they are. 1 person might be emotionally together, which will have allowed them to manage what took place.
For the other, they may not have been in a fantastic place in the first place, meaning that they might have been emotionally troubled until they experienced loss.
Another Factor
Then again, the reason why the former has been able to move forward so quickly might have been a sign that they just pushed their feelings from their point of consciousness. It may then be erroneous to say they have a wholesome relationship with their emotions.
That the latter has not been able to readjust to their life after a couple of months can then be regarded as a sign they do have a healthy relationship with their emotions.
Closer to Home
When someone loses a parent, the experience of loss may have a different effect on them. However, though this is true, the situations above can still apply to this sort of loss.
This implies, then, is that somebody may have known that it was just a matter of time before this took place and this enabled them to emotionally prepare, which makes it easier for them to come to terms with the loss. Or, someone may not have expected this to occur, which makes it incredibly tough for them to manage what’s taken place.
The Connection
The sort of relationship they had with this parent may also play a role in the way they feel. If they had a close relationship with them, it’s naturally going to be more difficult for them to manage what’s taken place.
Likewise, if this was not the case and one did not have a close relationship with them, it may make it easier for them to manage the loss. This shows it that there are several factors involved.
Early Trauma
Yet, even if a person did not have a close relationship with their parent that has passed on, it does not automatically indicate that this will make it easier for them to deal with.
By way of instance, as this man is no longer around, they might wind up going into survival mode. So, irrespective of whether the reduction has resulted in them feeling unsafe or to be too preoccupied with how they will support themselves, it’s very likely to prove that something was triggered in their early years.
One is then not only going to get heavy heart afterwards; they will have a body that’s anything but calm. Still, this does not imply that they have been dependent on this parent for anything before, however.
This illustrates what took occur during someone’s early years can have a large impact how they react to life events as an adult.
If a person has lost a parent, and they can see that there’s more to how they feel than that which has lately taken place, they might want to reach out for outside support. This is something which may be provided by the aid of a therapist or a healer.

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